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Now Organic Argan Oil 100% Pure 59ml

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Now argan oil pure is beneficial for all skin types due to its rich fatty acid content. Organic argan oil is a multi-functional product. It adds shine to your hair and provides moisture for your skin, hair, scalp and nail cuticles.or dry hair, scalp, skin and/or cuticles in need of natural and intensive moisture renewal.

  • For dry skin, apply a liberal amount where needed most.
  • For hair, rub a few drops between hands and run through hair to add shine and reduce flyways.
  • Or add a few drops to your favorite NOW® Solutions product and mix well.

  • It also helps to soothe, nourish and protect skin from the elements
  • It helps to maintain a healthy skin pH balance as well
  • Intensive moisture renewal for skin, scalp and cuticles.

Now Organic Argan Oil 100% Pure 59ml

Now Organic Argan Oil 100% Pure 59ml
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