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Oral-B Aquacare Water Flosser 4 Cordless Irrigator


Find the Best Water Flosser of 2019 For You Why Use a Water Flosser? It's recommended that you add flossing at least once a day to your oral care routine. But traditional string flossing can be painful if you have sensitive gums or teeth. Nonetheless, it is imperative for overall oral health. That's where water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, come into play. While they're not a replacement for flossing, they're a great addition to your daily oral routine. They massage your gums to improve overall oral health and promote gum health.

  • Please read the manual instructions carefully before use.

  • Aquacare 4 helps improve your gum health and gently removes food trapped between teeth, especially wires and braces.
  • Oxyjet Technology: Enriches water with microfine bubbles of air to boost your oral health routine with the on-demand button you can control the water stream with precision
  • Personalize your cleaning experience with four cleaning modes, aquacare 4 has two intensity settings: Sensitive and regular, each can be used with two nozzle water streams: Focused or rotational
  • Cordless: Easily handled with no attachments, contains 145 ml volume of water; This product offers protection from a splash of water in any direction

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Oral-B Aquacare Water Flosser 4 Cordless Irrigator
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