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Planet Paleo Organic Pure Type 1 and 3 Collagen Cacao Magic 264g

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Planet Paleo Organic Pure Type 1 and 3 Collagen Cacao Magic contains collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, which are rich in amino acids that support skin, hair, nails, and joint health. Thanks to its blend of clean grass-fed collagen with raw cacao, vanilla and coconut milk, it has a natural creamy sweetness that satisfies without the sugar crash. Cacao has been used for centuries as a health and ceremonial elixir in Central American cultures and is revered for its rich flavor and relaxing effects. Planet Organic have blended delicious organic cacao and warming flavors with their nourishing grass-fed Pure Collagen peptides for an indulgent hot drink. It uses raw cacao powder which is rich in flavonoids that may help protect cells from oxidative stress. Cacao Magic is easy to use and can be added to a variety of drinks and foods, such as smoothies, milk, and breakfast bowls, making it a convenient way to incorporate collagen into your diet. Cacao Magic is made with all-natural ingredients and is free from dairy, gluten, and soy, making it a suitable choice for those following a paleo diet or with specific dietary requirements. The raw cacao powder adds a rich, chocolatey flavour, making it a tasty addition to your daily routine. Collagen hotties are a delicious and easy way to enjoy your daily dose of collagen. With great benefits to skin, tissue repair and beyond, they’re the ultimate hug in a mug. With 5g of easily absorbed collagen peptides, and important amino acids, they are a satisfying addition to your protein needs. They include functional superfoods for super moods. It features a versatile mix of options, so you can mix and match to fit your routine. Cacao Magic is free of gluten & dairy, and contains no fillers or additives

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Take one 10.5g serving (Approx 5 x 5ml level tsps.) in 200ml of hot water or add to heated milk for extra deliciousness. Or blend with cold milk and ice for a refreshing and cooling alternative

  • Helps to minimize wrinkles and allowing you to get your youthful glow
  • Helps to strengthen bones and other connective tissues
  • Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Stimulates the production of amino acids, in particular Glycine
  • Helps to strengthen and nourish your whole body
  • Helps to rebuild your muscles, eyes, bones, and spine
  • Strengthens your nails and reduce the brittleness
  • Helps you grow stronger, thicker hair
  • Provides structure to your skin, bones, tendons and ligaments
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