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Spirularin HS Herpes Lip Cream SPF15 10g


Spirularin HS Herpes Lip Cream is a formula for care and protection for lips prone to herpes simplex infections. Spirularin HS is an invisible and neutral tasting specialty lip care containing high-quality natural oils such as among others thistle oil, jojoba oil and Shea butter harvested from controlled biological cultivation. Oral herpes simplex (Herpes labialis) is a common and often very stressful condition. After the first infection, the virus remains in the body for a lifetime. Uncomfortable outbreaks may reoccur from time to time with the coincidence of certain risk factors, such as exposure to sunlight, disgust, stress, and a weakened immune system. This usually happens at the most inconvenient of times. An application study showed that lip care with Spirularin® HS can prevent labial herpes even after a very potent herpes trigger, ie; an outbreak can usually be prevented before any symptoms develop. In addition, the lip care product also comes with a sun protection factor (SPF 15). Besides, the patented active extract from microalgae, Spiralin® with its various nurturing, protective and regenerative properties ensure the special suitability for the care of lips prone to herpes infections. The cream also contains high-quality natural care ingredients and zinc sulfate.

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  • Apply twice daily (day and night) and before each sunbath. Avoid contact with the eyes.

  • Ideal for herpes simplex prophylaxis
  • Reduces the healing time for herpes that has already broken out
  • Helps minimize the outbreak as much as possible if applied in a timely manner
  • Additional sun protection factor SPF 15 effectively protects against aggressive UVA and UVB rays
  • Optimal lip care product for summer and winter
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