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TEA+ Defence Vitamin C Herbal Tea, Tea Bags 14's

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TEA+ is a new range of vitamin infused teas designed to help maintain general health and wellbeing. We have created a unique blend of vitamins, herbs, fruit and green tea with the aim to help in your daily wellness goals when needed most in a convenient, nutritious and delicious cup of tea. TEA+ Defence Vitamin Tea is packed with botanicals plus Vitamin C, and is designed to support the immune system when you need it most. The combination of 100% NRV Vitamin C, Vitamin D, botanicals Ginseng and Echincea.

  • No preparation required. Enjoy guilt free!

  • A delicious natural orange and blueberry flavour.
  • Normal Immune and Nervous System Vitamin C is important for overall health and wellbeing as it contributes to the normal functioning of the immune and nervous systems.
  • Vitamin C supports the body's ability to neutralise free radicals by contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • Vitamin C is a co-factor for collagen synthesis, the substance that keeps skin supple. It contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones, teeth, cartilage, skin and blood vessels.
  • The vitamin C increases non-haem iron absorption, the mineral essential for normal formation red blood cells and haemoglobin.

TEA+ Defence Vitamin C Herbal Tea, Tea Bags 14's

TEA+ Defence Vitamin C Herbal Tea, Tea Bags 14's
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