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Voltaren D-50Mg Disper Tabs 20'S


Voltaren d dispersible tablets 50Mg contain diclofenac, a nonsteroidal anti-Inflammatory drug (Nsaid) that is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in acute conditions. Tablets may swallowed whole or dispersed in water first.

The product description information provided above is intended solely as an indicative reference and has been sourced from the respective product manufacturer and/or supplier. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is important to note that it may be subject to inherent limitations, potentially resulting in incomplete or inaccurate details regarding the product. We strongly advise treating this information as a basic guide and recommend verifying the specifics of the product upon its physical receipt. This includes details regarding proper application, potential side effects, ingredients, and any guidelines or warnings. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please contact one of our in-store pharmacists or call 800BINSINA for further assistance.

Read The Directions On The Product Label, Patient Guide, Or Medicine Guide Provided By The Medicine Company Or Your Pharmacist Before Starting To Use Voltaren D 50 Dispersible Tablet. If You Have Any Questions Related To This Medicine, Ask Your Doctor Or Pharmacist. Use This Medicine As Recommended By Your Doctor. Pain Medicines Work Best If They Are Used As Soon As You Feel Any Signs Of Pain. Voltaren D 50 Dispersible Tablet May Not Work Well If You Delay Using It Until The Symptoms Have Worsened. Voltaren D 50 Dispersible Tablet Is Used With Or After Food When Taken By Mouth.

Voltaren D Dispersible Tablets 50Mg Contain The Active Ingredient Diclofenac Free Acid (46.5 Mg Of Diclofenac Free Acid, Which Is Equivalent To 50 Mg Of Diclofenac Sodium). They Also Contain Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Starch Glycollate, Croscarmellose Sodium, Colloidal Anhydrous Silica, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Talc.

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