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Waterpik WaterFlosser Ultra Cordless Plus


Waterpik WaterFlosser Ultra Cordless Plus is a great solution when you want the convenience of cordless water flossing. Rechargeable and portable, it's perfect for use in smaller bathrooms or for travel. Water flossing for about a minute a day conveniently and comfortably removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and gently massages the gums to improve overall oral health.

  • Please charge the unit for 24 hours before first use
  • Lean over the sink and close lips around the tip to prevent splashing
  • Aim the tip just above the gumline and turn the unit on
  • Starting with the back teeth follow the gum line, pausing briefly between the teeth
  • Continue until all areas around and between the teeth have been cleaned

  • An effective alternative to floss for healthy teeth and gums
  • Provides significant oral health benefits
  • Especially effective for those who have braces, implants, crowns, bridges, and other dental work

Waterpik WaterFlosser Ultra Cordless Plus

Waterpik WaterFlosser Ultra Cordless Plus
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