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Wortie Advanced Wart & Verruca Remover 50ml

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Wortie Advanced Cryotherapy Wart and Verruca Remover is a treatment that will remove warts and verrucas through cryotherapy. Cryotherapy works by basically freezing the wart to its core, cooling the wart to sub-zero temperatures. This is done by only applying the solution in this treatment to the wart, and not the surrounding skin, leaving it healthy. Wortie Advanced Wart and Verruca Remover are suitable to be used on warts that are located on the hands, knees, elbows, and fingers, as well as verrucas on the feet.

  • Gently squeeze the gel tube to apply one single drop of the conductive gel exactly on the wart
  • Remove the cap and place the can upright on a table or flat surface
  • Keeping the can in a vertical position, firmly hold the collar between a thumb and index finger
  • Twist the cone counterclockwise with the other hand and firmly push down the cone for three seconds without touching the metal tip

  • Easy-to-use freeze off treatment for warts and verrucas, similar to the cryotherapy method
  • Aims to precisely freeze the wart or verruca to the core, due to a precision tip
  • Rounded shape of Wortie’s cryo tip allows accurate application limited to the wart or verruca, without harming the surrounding healthy skin, resulting in a more pain-free application
  • Brings the temperature of the wart or verruca to sub-zero level
  • Patented technology to provide a fast and effective cryotherapy treatment

Wortie Advanced Wart & Verruca Remover 50ml

Wortie Advanced Wart & Verruca Remover 50ml
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