MOHAP License number: NFG1YBGQ-180523

Mavala Mavapen 4.5ml


With one application, Mavapen leaves a couple of drops of nutritive oil to mollify and smooth fingernail skin. Furthermore, with sunflower oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil and plentiful in nutrients An, E and F. Likewise, this pen permits to tenderly push back and extricate congested fingernail skin from nail surface. It is completely astounding.

  • Apply the nourishing oil with the felt-tip onto the nail contour
  • Massage cuticles with circular movements and allow to penetrate
  • If necessary, delicately push back cuticles with Mavapen's felt-tip
  • Before applying a base and a nail polish, remove all traces of oil from your nails using nail polish remover

  • Handy pen for cuticles enriched with nourishing oils
  • Nourishes, softens and smoothes cuticles, in a single gesture

Mavala Mavapen 4.5ml

Mavala Mavapen 4.5ml
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