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Digestive Care and Laxatives: OTC Solutions

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About Digestive care and laxative

Order Heartburn Medicine at Binsina Pharmacy

Discover an extensive collection of heartburn medicine and laxatives at BinSina Pharmacy online. Laxatives are a type of medicine that can treat constipation and maldigestion. Different diets and eating habits can contribute to constipation and maldigestion, especially diets that are low in fiber or that don't encourage the consumption of sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis. Some diets even lead to more severe medical conditions if they lack certain vitamins and nutrients. Find highly effective digestive aids and laxatives, such as Gaviscon, Probio7, Maalox, Simecol, Enterogermina and Dulcolax. Available in sachets, tablets, capsules or liquid forms to provide the ultimate heartburn relief, find heartburn treatment containing natural components like Senna Leaves, one of the oldest and safest laxatives known in medical history that are found in Senna tablets and Senna tea. Explore other products in different forms, including Lactulose syrup, Duphalac syrup, Rennie tablets and Agiolax granules. Order now from BinSina Pharmacy online to enjoy great offers and free delivery on selected items.

Get Diarrhea Treatment and ORS Tablets Online in Dubai

Browse a wide selection of digestive treatments regarding all digestive problems and symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and stomach aches. Diarrhea is a loose, watery and possibly frequent bowel movement that causes loss of fluids and minerals. Diarrhea treatment requires medicines such as Imodium and Buscopan tablets along with complementary Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) to compensate for lost fluids and minerals. ORS is available online from many brands and in many forms, including effervescent tablets as ORS hydration tablets which are available in ORS lemon flavor and ORS strawberry flavor. For infants, opt for Hidrasec sachets, which are designed to treat symptoms of acute diarrhea in children over three months of age.

Get the fastest flatulence treatment, which could be very irritating and can be treated by active charcoal tablets available at BinSina Pharmacy, including Marnys Acticol tablets and Eucarbon tablets. Treat your digestive system with care and take Prebiotics or Probio7 products on a daily basis with sufficient amounts of water and healthy food. Find all the healthy foods you need, from healthy snacks and healthy breakfast to healthy cakes and healthy desserts that will keep digestive discomfort and irritations at bay! Shop now from the comfort of your home at BinSina Pharmacy online and enjoy the fastest delivery in the UAE 24/7.

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