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About Eva Pharma

At EVA Pharma, their commitment lies in ongoing innovation, dedicated to discovering solutions that elevate the quality of life for all, now and in the future. EVA Pharma operates across a diverse range of sectors including branded generics, vaccines, over-the-counter (OTC) products, food supplements, herbal medicines, and veterinary products. With a global presence spanning over 40 countries, EVA Pharma is dedicated to serving diverse healthcare needs worldwide.

Binsina offers a range of specialized products from Eva Pharma including Genuphil, THIOTACID, Hairtone capsules, Carnivita Forte Tablets, Acti-Colla C etc, each catering to distinct health needs. Genuphil provides comprehensive joint care with glucosamine and chondroitin, targeting cartilage health and alleviating joint pain and inflammation. THIOTACID, featuring pure R-isomer Thioctic acid, effectively manages neuropathy with maximum efficacy. Hairtone capsules combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth without affecting body weight. Carnivita Forte Tablet addresses multiple health conditions from muscle tissue damage to acne and anemia. Lastly, Eva Pharma Acti-Colla C offers effervescent sachets with marine collagen, vitamin C, and rosehips, supporting joint health by protecting cartilage, improving flexibility, and reducing joint pain. These products exemplify Binsina's commitment to providing diverse healthcare solutions from Eva Pharma that meet specific health challenges effectively. Shop online for Eva Pharma products in the UAE with BinSina!

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