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Carnivita Forte Tablets 30's


Carnivita Forte Tablet is used for Muscle tissue damage, Age-related vision loss, Acne, Hyperlipoproteinemias, Diarrhea, Stimulate gastric secretions, Stimulate pancreatic secretions, Wilson's disease, Anemia, Anorexia and other conditions.

  • 1 tablet to be taken one to three times a day with a meal or according to the physicians directions

  • To protect against muscle disease and stamina during heavy exercise &
    improve performance during physical effort
  • In cardiac diseases to improve heart function & increases exercise tolerance
    for heart disease patients
  • To improve male fertility & to increase sperm count and motility
  • As a nutrient supplement in vegetarians
  • For male infertility due to Oligo-asthenozoospermia

Carnivita Forte Tablets 30's

Carnivita Forte Tablets 30's
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