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Shop OTC headache medications from Binsina Pharmacy

Explore the extensive range of over the counter medicine at Binsina Pharmacy and enjoy free delivery on selected items. OTC stands for over the counter, and is a well known term for nonprescription medicines, meaning that anyone can use these medications without consulting a doctor or a specialized physician. Shop OTC products in our analgesic and pain-relief section, including top brands, such as different types of Panadol, Brufen and Aspirin tablets available in Dubai. For people who don't prefer tablets and for athletes who need more localized pain relief, hot patches, muscle relaxing gels like Biofreeze gel and sprays like Voltaren spray are also available at Binsina Pharmacy to help relieve back pain, joint pain and body aches. If you're suffering from constipation, bloating or any other digestive problems, Binsina Pharmacy provides a vast collection of laxatives like Lactulose and Duphalac syrups and coal tablets like Marnys Acticol tablets for bloating. All kinds of digestive enzyme supplements are also available at competitive prices with delivery all over UAE.

Get the Best Over the Counter Medicine for Seasonal Allergies

Choose from a wide range of top brands of Antihistamine allergy medicines for all ages, such as Telfast, Panadol Sinus and Claritine. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, no need to stay at home on dusty days because now you can take only one tablet a day and enjoy all your normal daily activities. For more symptomatic allergy treatments, you can find Otrivin nasal drops and spray. For smokers who are ready to stop smoking, nicotine patches and lozenges in their finest brand, Nicotinell, are available at Binsina Pharmacy. Get all of this and more with the best prices and enjoy free delivery on selected items.

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