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Neoretin Discrom Control Lightening Peel Pads 6ml

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Neoretin Discrom Control Skin Whitening/Skin Lightening Peel Pads is the new miracle weapon in the fight against hyperpigmentation. By combining two innovative technologies, RetinSphere Technology and Whitening Booster System, Neoretin achieves maximum effectiveness with maximum tolerability. Highly effective and very well tolerated peeling system for a smooth, even and radiant skin. To support all depigmenting treatments. Creates smooth and bright skin by intensive whitening and anti-wrinkle formula. Effectiveness clinically proven.

  • Unless otherwise advised, apply to the face once a week in the evening
  • Gently massaging with a circular movement over the skin for one minute to remove dead cells and facilitate penetration of other ingredients
  • If tolerated, let it work overnight and rinse with plenty of warm water the next morning
  • For more sensitive skin, shorten the exposure time

  • Anti-aging, more uniform complexion and more moisturized (Moisturizes)
  • Smoother skin and balances oil production on the skin
  • Treats acne and blemishes
  • Let your skin be nourished and rejuvenated
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