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Combat Cough and Cold with OTC Solutions

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About Cough and cold

Order Cough Medicine at Binsina Pharmacy

Explore endless variations of cough medicine at BinSina Pharmacy online. Whatever you are looking for to relieve your common cold symptoms, from cough syrups and cough drops to decongestant tablets and sore throat medications is available at BinSina Pharmacy. Shop the best selling brands from leading pharmaceutical companies such as Strepsils, Panadol, Listerine, Betadine and Otrivin. Order now and enjoy endless offers and discounts.

Buy cough medicine and cough tablets for productive and dry cough. Mucoplexil syrup and Melrosum syrup would be a good choice for immediate relief of cough symptoms. Recent studies suggest using mucolytics such as mucinex and acetylcysteine along with cough syrups and conventional cough treatments can show better results, especially for persistent productive cough. Panadol Cold and Flu and Flutab are perfect OTC treatments for cold symptoms and congestion treatments.

Buy Mouthwash for Sore Throat and Strepsils Lozenges Online

Browse our selection of mouthwashes, including Listerine Mouthwash and Betadine Mouthwash for sore throats, mouthwashes can also be used on regular basis for better oral hygiene and as prophylactic for strep throats. Lozenges such as Strepsils Lemon, Strepsils Strawberry, Lozaty and honibe lozenges can be very helpful and easy to use to relieve sore throat and cough symptoms, and they're also available in sugar free forms for diabetic and obese patients.

Experience different approaches and remedies for cold symptoms and buy cold medicine online. Seawater nasal sprays such as Sinomarin is often used to clear nasal tubes, especially for infants to relieve congestion. Vaporubs such as Vicks Vaporubs and sticks are much better, easier and more comfortable to use than steam inhalation techniques used before, just rub it on your nose and cheeks to experience immediate relief.

Don't forget to also check our OTC medications, vitamins and supplements, and other health care products from the comfort of your home with 24/7 delivery all over the UAE.

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