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3M Nexcare Postpartum Support Medium

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3M Nexcare Postpartum is a post-pregnancy support which provides gentle yet firm compression to support abdominal muscles after baby delivery. It helps you return to normal activities sooner and is especially helpful after a c-section as it provides your tummy with comfort and protection as it heals. The support is easy to put on without assistance, fits discreetly under clothing and is made from extra soft material.

  • Grip Nexcare Postpartum Support at each end and place the "loop" pad over your abdomen
  • Stretch and fasten the support by wrapping it around your body and attaching the fasteners
  • By adjusting the amount of stretch the tension can be varied for maximum comfort.
  • Note: Hand wash in cold or warm water with mild detergent. Hang dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Take care to cover the hooks so it does not tear the fabric as you handle it.

  • Provides gentle yet firm compression to support abdominal muscles that have been weakened from childbirth
  • Aids mothers to return to normal activities sooner
  • Especially helpful for mothers after a C-section, providing the tummy protection and comfort as it heals
  • Fits discreetly under clothing
  • Protection and well-being of mothers and babies

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3M Nexcare Postpartum Support Medium
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