MOHAP License number: NFG1YBGQ-180523

ABN Classic Stethoscope


Measuring blood pressure by a doctor in the hospital tends to stimulate nervousness and may even create high blood pressure. Blood pressure also varies in accordance with variety of conditions and so judgment is not possible on the basis of single measurement. Regular home measuring lets you submit to your doctor a record of your measurement overtime. This information may provide a better reference of what your blood pressure really is, and can help your doctor make important decisions about your diagnosis and treatment.

  • For usage, please refer to enclosed leaflet

  • Superior acoustic response and rugged durability
  • The chestpiece is precisely machined to exacting tolerance from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance
  • Double leaf internal spring binaurals are fixed at 15° angle for the comfortable ear fit

ABN Classic Stethoscope

ABN Classic Stethoscope
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