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Balance Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar 35g

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Balance Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar is a healthier way to indulge your sweet tooth. Made with maltitol and free from sugar, Balance brings you the best bits of dark chocolate without the added sugar.

Pure cocoa mass and cocoa butter with a lingering taste of delicate vanilla. The choice for dark chocolate lovers who don't want unnecessary sugar in their snacks.

Nutritional Information:

Per Bar:
Protides No.1: 5.3g
- monounsaturates No.10: 10.9g
- polyunsaturates No.11: 1.1g
- trans-fat acids No.12: 0g
Cholesterol No.13: 0.9mg
Fibres No.14: 14.1g
Calcium No.15: 29.7mg
Sodium No.16: 4.5mg
Milk proteins No.2: 0g
Glucides: No.3: 43.0g
- sugars No.4: 0.2g
- starch No.5: 3.1g
- polyols No.6: 39.2g
Fat: No.7: 32.3g
- milk fat No.8: 0.0g
- saturates No.9: 20.2g

  • Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect

  • No Sugar Added
  • High in Fibres
  • Smooth dark Belgian chocolate

Balance Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar 35g

Balance Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar 35g
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