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Elgydium Black Flosses 50m

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ELGYDIUM CLINIC DENTAL FLOSS Black is a fine, waxed unflavoured dental floss impregnated with chlorhexidine. Its black color makes it easier to see the removed plaque.

Dental flosses are essential for removing food particles stuck between the teeth and for helping to eliminate dental plaque in these spaces.

Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratory undertakes to innovate each and every day, in collaboration with dentists and pharmacists, in order to bring you solutions for the prevention, protection, and treatment of oral problems for the whole family. We work to promote education, recommendations, and service in order to better help you preserve your teeth and oral health. We promote the adoption of prevention habits and offers specific oral care programs in order to meet the full range of oral health needs. Our evolving and innovative programs are structured around complementary expert brands, clinically tested and manufactured in France.

Interdental hygiene is particularly important for people with exposed tooth necks, implants or braces.

  • Cut off 30cm of floss
  • Wrap around your index finger.
  • Using your thumbs, gently guide the floss between your teeth with a back-and-forth motion.
  • Hold the floss tight against the surface of a tooth and slide it downwards.
  • Then place the floss on the other surface and repeat the action.

  • Fine and waxed
  • Impregnated with chlorhexidine
  • Black to show up plaque removed
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