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We all rely on our immune system to keep us well, as well as be ready to kick into action when we need it most. Unfortunately, many of us find that, from time to time, our immune system becomes overloaded and does not always work quite as well as it should. That is where Holland & Barrett’s immune support supplement sachets come in. A pleasant alternative to pills, these sachets make getting your daily dose of vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc simple and easy.


Our bodies require a whole panoply of vitamins and minerals to function properly, from vitamin A to a range of B vitamins and countless minerals, including magnesium, copper, and iron. Many of these nutrients are employed by the immune system to keep it working at its best.


However, few are as important as vitamins C and D and the essential mineral, zinc.


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  • Take 1 Powder Serving Size per day, preferably with a meal. Do not exceed the stated dose. Suitable for: Vegetarian

  • This trio not only supports your immune system, but it offers a range of other important health benefits too.
  • One of the chief ingredients in our immune support sachet, vitamin C has long been considered the most important of all vitamins.
  • Found chiefly in fruit and vegetables, this important nutrient helps to maintain healthy immunity and also protects cells from oxidative stress, caused by free radicals and harmful substances.
  • Less well known than vitamin C but just as crucial, we have packed a good punch of vitamin D into our immunity supplement.
  • Produced by the body in response to sunshine, vitamin D is used in numerous systems of the body and is particularly related to immunity and bone health.
  • Due to our darker winters, many of us are found to be lacking in vitamin D, unknowingly impacting the function of our immune system.
  • Taking immune support vitamins including vitamin D can start the journey in helping to correct this, giving your body the nutrients it needs to ensure the immune system is functioning as it should be, ready for those winter months.


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