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MOHAP License number: GV8U1IU0-190522

MicroSafe Anti Microbial Spray 60ml


MicroSafe Anti Microbial Spray triple action: disinfectant, sanitizer and antiseptic. Kills all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. When fumigated, MicroSafe has demonstrated the ability to kill a wide range of airborne pathogens and significantly reduce the spread of infectious disease. MicroSafe is designed and recommended to be sprayed in the presence of Human traffic, exposing the public to the solution.

  • Spray directly onto the surface
  • Recommended for Suitable for 3 years & above
  • For external use only

  • No steroid
  • No alcohol
  • 100% safe as water
  • Electrolysed water with microcyn technology
  • Works against all types of microbes with clinical studies

MicroSafe Anti Microbial Spray 60ml

MicroSafe Anti Microbial Spray 60ml
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