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Neat Feat Energy Massage Gelinsoles Mens


Feel the comfort of Massaging Gel as you walk. This insole will both energize your feet and absorb the shock impact of each step you take. They give comfort when you stand, walk, or run. Your feet will perform better as you stimulate the blood flow and promote your circulation. Have you ever complained of pains in your back, ankle, knee, hip or feet? Or do your legs and feet tire easily? These issues afflict millions of people every day, yet how many truly understand what causes these problems. Being on your feet all day, every day is hard work, but with the Neat Feat Energy Massaging Insoles, you will feel the comfort as your feet are massaged and stimulated with every step. Our Neat Feat Energy Massaging Insoles enhance your body's performance and efficiency, while reducing pain and fatigue. Sizing - Energy Massage Insoles come in a two sizes: Mens and Womens which are then trimmed to fit the shoe. The gel side faces upwards to give the massage benefits.

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Massages feet with each step Provides all day long comfort and cushioning Honeycomb design stimulates blood flow More circulation equals more energy High shock absorbing Ultra-Gel Helps alleviate Heel Spur and Heel Strike pain Distributes your body weight evenly over your feet Relieves stress from your spine, knees, ankles and feet

Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin.

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