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Omron Nami Cat Kid's Compressor Nebulizer, NE C303 KDE


Omron Nami Cat Kid's Compressor Nebulizer is child friendly nebuliser that has been designed for making it easier to get your child using their nebulizer. Omron Nami Cat compressor nebulizer is for those children who suffer from respiratory disorders and require inhalation of medications. When your child has a nasty cough or difficulty breathing, the Nami Cat is a friendly face that can get them breathing easier. Its child friendly design helps you as a parent to get your child using their nebuliser - while its powerful compressor ensures they get the effective treatment they need.

The medication that is pumped up through the medication channel is mixed with compressed air which is generated by a compressor pump. The compressed air mixed with medication is turned into fine particles and sprayed when in contact with the baffle on the vaporiser head. Omron Nami Cat compressor nebulizer is intended to be used for inhaling medication for respiratory disorders. The compressor is intended for multi-patient reuse while the nebulizer kit and its attachments are single-patient reuse.

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  • Read the information leaflet thoroughly to know more about the usage and maintenance details.

  • Clears congestion to help kids breathe better
  • Useful in treating lower airways respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and COPD
  • Allows kids to take in medication while breathing as they normally would
  • Child friendly design makes it easier to get your child using the nebuliser
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