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Sanotint Classic Black Brown 125ml


Sanotint hair colors gently color and care for the hair additionally. The gold of the millet protects the hair optimally, in combination with plant extracts of birch and grape seeds they remain neat, strong and shiny. The natural care ingredients are combined with a very low percentage of maximum one percent of synthetic colors to permanently cover gray hair and achieve an enormous variety of colors. After dyeing, we recommend a treatment with the Sanotint Revitalizing Balm , so that the color will remain brilliant even after weeks.

  • Put on the gloves
  • Pour the contents of the tube and the fixing emulsion (in equal quantities) into a bowl. Mix well
  • Apply the entire mixture line by line on the hair (dry) with a brush or a comb
  • Then massage well to distribute the dye on the whole of the hair
  • Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair

  • Extracts of golden millet, olive, birch and grape seed, as well as biotin and calcium pantothenate for brilliant and long-lasting coloring
  • It keeps the hair healthy, smooth and bright
  • It's the only ready-to-use color that contains golden millet and other plant extracts to color your hair without damaging it

Sanotint Classic Black Brown 125ml

Sanotint Classic Black Brown 125ml
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