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Sensodyne Pronamel For Children Toothpaste 50ml


Sensodyne Pronamel For Children is specially formulated to strengthen weakened enamel and protect your children's teeth from the effects of Acid Wear and tooth decay. It's a daily toothpaste: it cleans and freshens plus makes your children's tooth enamel stronger and healthier every day. New permanent and milk teeth can be vulnerable as acids can weaken enamel, allowing it to be slowly worn away. Developed with dentists to help protect children's teeth from Acid Wear.

  • Brush twice daily and not more than three times
  • Minimize swallowing and spit out
  • Close cap after each use to protect contents from moisture
  • Do not use if foil seal on the nozzle is broken
  • Remove foil seal before use

  • Helps protect against acid wear & tooth decay
  • Protects enamel from everyday acids
  • Protect from the effects of acid wear
  • Re-hardens and strengthens enamel
  • Protects against cavities

Sensodyne Pronamel For Children Toothpaste 50ml

Sensodyne Pronamel For Children Toothpaste 50ml
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