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Vitae Calmtu Night Plus Tablets, Melatonin Based Sleep Supplement 30's


Vitae Calmtu Night Plus Tablets is formulated for people who, due to stress, age or night shifts, have altered the sleep cycle and not only need help in falling asleep, but also a relaxing effect that helps them sleep during the night, avoiding or reducing midnight awakenings. Vitae Calmtu Night Plus is a natural food supplement based on melatonin and valerian, passionflower, California poppy and lemon balm extracts. Thanks to its composition, it helps to fall asleep and relax naturally. Tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy or insomnia are very common situations due to the lifestyle we lead. Today we have become accustomed to living with stress and that can lead to a deficit in mental and physical health. Also, if we do not sleep at night and rest well, it can lead to more serious health problems. Vitae Calmtu Sleep Support tablets contains Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone in the body that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. This hormone, also called the “sleep hormone” helps to achieve complete rest and recuperation. It is advisable to take it 30 minutes before going to sleep so that its effect is as expected. CalmTu Night Plus Sleep Supplement, with its modified and sustained release formula during the night, allows the release of the tablet in 2 stages. Melatonin, which is found in the first layer of the coating and is rapidly released which eases sleep induction. The inner layer of the tablet contains natural extracts of valerian, passionflower, California poppy and lemon balm which are subsequently released, contributing to the quality of sleep. You will notice a visible reduction in the time taken to fall asleep.

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  • Take one capsule 30 minutes before bed.
  • Contraindications: It is contraindicated in children and patients medicated with antidepressants and / or psychotropics. In case of being treated with anticoagulants and / or antiaggregants, consult the intake with your doctor.
  • The relaxing effects are usually observed two hours after the intake of the extracts. To achieve control of the sleep induction, it will take a minimum of 15 days and adapt sleeping habits, following a schedule, with light dinners and a comfortable and airy bed.

  • Promotes the induction of sleep; reduces the time needed to fall asleep
  • Helps you achieve an uninterrupted and better quality sleep
  • Avoids nighttime awakenings and improves jet lag syndrome
  • Melatonin allows the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle and improves mood disorders
  • Natural anxiolytics reduces the effects of nervousness and anxiety, helping to achieve a restful sleep
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